Speaker Proposals Form

The DMFA accepts proposals for webinars, workshops, interactive events and more. Our mission is to develop high-quality programming for professional fundraisers engaged in direct mail, digital, multi-channel, and other channels of fundraising while actively pursuing DMFA’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion. If you have expertise in professional fundraising and have a topic that you would like to present, we invite you to submit a proposal. We are now accepting proposals for first and second quarter 2023. 

For a list of recent session topics,  check out our past events page at: https://dmfa.org/events/past-events/

Session Guidelines

  • Sessions should be interactive, educational, and informative; they may include case studies, examples, results, and other specific details. Attendees want "takeaways" they can apply to their own programs.
  • There MUST be at least one nonprofit speaker on each session.
  • Speakers must present in an educational, non-commercial, non-self-promotional manner. NO sales pitches are allowed during presentations or sessions. 
  • Sessions are meant to cover 50 minutes of content, including Q&A.

The DMFA is open to sessions that have run at other conferences so if you already have a presentation, feel free to submit the proposal to present it with us. Submission of a program DOES NOT guarantee acceptance. Sessions will be evaluated by the DMFA within three weeks and you will receive a response either way.

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Example of an Event Title

Mid-Level Giving Hot Topics and Benchmarking Insights

This is the title that will be used to promote the event on the DMFA website and in promotional emails. It should be no more than three -five words and should include the main topic of the event.

Example of a Short Title

Mid-Level Giving Insights

The DMFA hosts several types of educational events. They are:

Webinar - this is a presentation by a speaker or a panel of two to three speakers and is open to an unlimited audience.

Ask the Experts - This is an interactive session run by a few experts on a more specialized topic such as creative, messaging, etc. - this is usually limited to 30 people.

Virtual Workshop - This is a how-to session with an audience limit. Past topics have included how to develop an omni channel campaign or how to set up a mid-level program etc. 

In person event - This can be either a small interactive event or a larger presentation to a wider audience.

Please include one or two paragraphs on the topic and content of the event. DMFA events are typically 1 hour in length. Please also include the start time and end time of your event.

Please include three bullet points on what attendees will learn.

Example of key take aways

  • How to choose an accessible meeting platform 
  • Making your materials accessible 
  • Hiring access professionals (such as Sign language interpreters)  

Please list the speakers First Name Last Name, Title, Company

Please write no more than 50 words on the past experience of the speaker.

The DMFA hosts events on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between noon and 4 PM. We need at least four months to schedule and effectively promote an event. Please indicate at least three dates when you are able to host your event. 

Please upload any photo or video that would like to use for promotion of your event. DMFA will use your images on the website, in emails, and in social media promotion. 


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Please upload speaker head shots.

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